Miata Oil Heat Exchanger Delete Adapter


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Replaces stock oil heat exchanger on many Miatas.  Includes O-Ring.  Does not include sensors.


This part replaces the stock oil heat exchanger on many Miatas.  Why?  Perhaps you’re rebuilding a blown engine, but now your stock oil heat exchanger is full of metal glitter, and they are impossible to get perfectly clean…. and finding unused ones that are clean are hard to come by!  Replace it with this part, connect the exisiting coolant lines to each other using a male to male bar, throw on your oil filter, and then you’re good to go!
Okay, but what about the oil overheating?  That’s quite unlikely, and we’ve tested it!  We have run this exact mod in our NB 1.8L BP4W, used for endurance racing, and saw maximum oil temps of 260F in hot humid weather when really revving out every gear.  With a full synthetic oil, you’ve nothing to worry about!

Made from 6061 Aluminum, it is lighter than the stock oil heat exchanger, and will last a lifetime.  Sensors pictured are not included.  O-Ring is included.  Only use the provided O ring, do not use the stock O ring!

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
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