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CNC Turning Capabilities

Deadline Precision offers CNC turning services for both prototyping projects and large scale CNC manufacturing.  Our Daewoo Puma 250 turning center is equipped for bar feeding up to 3.0" diameter bar stock.  Weighing over 6 tons, its stout frame allows accuracy and repeatability within .0002".


Long workpieces can also be rigidly and safely machined utilizing the tailstock and live center that the machine is equipped with.


A wide range of materials can be machined, from popular plastics like nylon or Delrin, aluminum alloys, or the many types of steel alloys.


If you need turning work done, please don't hesitate to send us an email at


We proudly reply to all emails within 24 hours or quicker.


Quick turnarounds are our specialty!  In addition, we take great pride in prompt customer communication.  We know what our customers want in a CNC machine shop; meeting promised timelines, and effective communication.

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